Where on Earth is California Headed?

In Chinese history, devastating natural phenomena were seen as signs that the Mandate of Heaven (“tianming”) had been pulled from the ruling authority or in our view, the California state government. Christian thought speaks the same word, “the authorities that exist are established by God” (Romans 13:1). The impending natural disasters beg the question, has the California government caused a revocation of the Mandate of Heaven?”

How many fires does it take to communicate that the providence of the Golden State has found itself under a curse?

How often do you have to clean the crap from the homeless off of your porch until you understand that if we proceed to go in the way we are going, our unrepentant way will deteriorate into oblivion?

Frequent power outages, traffic gridlocks, and mandatory evacuations must necessitate a “looking up” with wonder asking “Has the Mandate of Heaven for the current administration in this State collapsed onto PCH?

We have no control over natural disasters, but who’s responsible for government-made disasters?

The youth of this State have never before encountered the pain of a protracted economic bust cycle. In their short life, they are without any reference point revealing what it looks like to rough it. 

Calif.’s past bubbles are well documented. One such popular story was that of Mark Twain who headed west like so many others with the dream of striking it rich in gold speculation. He first became a millionaire in a silver mine by blind chance but changes in mining regulations and a misplaced letter led to Twain losing his rights to the silver. He enjoyed the riches of speculation for only ten days. Later, he is found living high on the hog in San Francisco afforded from a bubble in mining stocks, as they always do, the bubble burst, then to top it all off, a month later the “great” earthquake hits. 

I think this guy asks a good question, How can any government continue to operate at a financial deficit? At what point does this deficit prevent the government from operating? — Rod, Houston

This house of cards keeps building as long as investors continue to buy the Treasury IOU’s (AKA bonds). If the demand for the bonds slows, the Treasury raises the rate of return on those securities. When that happens, the higher cost of debt is a big drag on the economy. If it goes on for too long, along comes a recession. 

The difficulty is that this game plays out so gradually that, over the short term, it’s hard to measure the harm being caused and because there is no dramatic impact, the players think we can go on this way forever. The Fed’s fiscal stimulus is like “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” One day Peter is going after Paul for what he stole.

To the unfaithful, it is scripturally common for God to take the Mandate of Heaven from them. The sea of chaos is much too great for any earthly government to solve. It is time for California and the United States to repent and cry out for mercy before it’s too late. Soon the economic and moral disintegration will not be slow and manageable but will be wild and crazy. ~The Real Estate Prophet


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